Sharing between IOS garagesale touch and Garage sale on OS X

Hello all,

I started using Garage sale on my Macbook, only to find it was a bit clunky and time consuming for me, as I specialize in antiques and collectibles. One off listings take far too long to propagate, from photographing, editing, copy, preferences and publishing. I don’t think the interface is very intuitive.

I then read about Garagesale for the iPad and bought one to try it out. Wonderful software for the type of listing I do, just complex enough to do what I want without too much.

Anyway, I am now trying to utilize the full garage sale on the macbook for inventory tracking and profit reports. The problem I have, is that I can’t get the two versions to communicate. I go to IOS version, tell it to share and get the code, but I have looked everywhere on the full program and there is NOWHERE that I can find to connect to the iPad and import the data. The only thing remotely close to sharing I can find un preferences is sharing my templates from this copy of garage sale, not the other way around.

What I want to do is continue listing with my iPad, then every evening import the listings onto the macbook to add the original item cost so that I can get an accurate report of profit in my sales report.

Any ideas would be appreciated, as my other option is to ditch garage sale on the mac altogether and go with an Excel spreadsheet for inventory tracking while still listing with the iPad. this would be even less intuitive, as I would also have to manually enter fees and shipping into the excel with no way to import from eBay.


Ok, I got the share working, but again, it’s clunky and unintuitive. I don’t see a way to batch import. I have to take a minute to share onto the macbook very every item, AND it’s not letting me edit things such as the item purchase price. This is just silly. I will have to look elsewhere for the functionality I am looking for, I suppose. Still love Garagesale touch, though. Best listing software on the iPad. Wish the OS X version was as good.

Anyone know any good inventory tracking software? My problem is that I need something that is set up for one off purchases/ sales. Most things are designed to work with gross sellers, which inventory control and reordering, etc. Kinda hard to reorder an 80 year old large format view camera I picked up second hand and restored for sale.

I just need something that will let me track purchase price, sale price, and hopefully import from eBay and papal for fees so I don’t have to import manually. Any ideas?


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Hi Guys,
am new to this and I created an extra account to get help on this issue. I have done everything described on the wiki page to share my prepared auctions on my iPad to share them to my Mac. Unfortunately I can not get it to work. I am able to share it on the iPad ( got a 4 digit password) but I can’t find the described menu entry on my Mac. I also can not find anything concerning sharing in the GarageSale (Mac) preferences.
So I am a little bit frustrated and I am running out of ideas what I can additional do.
Please advise me.
Thank you very much and sorry for my bad english.



this is a pretty old thread and we released GarageSale 7 in the meantime. GarageSale 7 does not support the old style sharing feature. But we have plans to add a “real” sharing functionality between GarageSale 7 and an iOS app to come.


Hello Paul,
thank you for clarification. This also means that the sync option in the iPad app does not work, correct? It would be great if you can update or add a hint in the wiki pages concerning this.

Thanks again for your help.

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Hi Marco,

I added a note to the old GarageSale 6 Wiki that it refers to GarageSale 6 and also added a link to the GarageSale 7 help.

Regards, Kristian