Shipping and return policy requirement blocking listing ability

I haven’t used GS with Ebay in maybe 5 months. Using GS 7. Something has changed dramatically…

I’m a Canadian seller. When I go to list something I have listed other times in the past,

I updated Return policy in “MY EBAY” - to make it an option. I made one TEST Shipping policy as well.
When I go into GS I don’t see the policies I created… I see a big list of things…but not what I made and when I go to ‘update’ the list… nothing realliy happens.

So Ebay no longer is connected to Canada Post API - ??? does it not tabulate these factors any longer?
How do I solve this simply ? I don’t want to do shipping rate tables… never had to in the past.

Could you please post a screenshot of those error messages?

Also, have you tried the refresh your access token from GarageSale’s preferences window? This should also force a download of your business policies.

it’s has been resolved…but now my app is out of date… I need the update 7.0.9 and I’m getting the error that the gateway is bad from your own link :

all versions that are linked in 7.0.9x go nowhere… gateway error… please forward a working link thank you.

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