Shipping bug? "Calculated" in GS, turns into "Free" on ebay?!

Hi Team, Just came across this, and have spent some time online with ebay…

I was surprised to find my new listings from this week mistakenly had Free Shipping when live on ebay, even though they have Calculated Shipping and the correct weight/dimensions set in GS.

In examining the listing on ebay Revise page, I noted that the Free Shipping checkbox was ticked…even though it is not in GS.

It should be noted that these listings were made from Duplicates of listings created last week and earlier, i.e. the settings are identical, and I have double checked this. Last week’s listings appear as “Calculated Shipping” on ebay, this week’s do not.

I further tested: I posted 2 test auctions, duplicates of: 1) a new auction from this week (that checks Free Shipping); and 2) one from last week that lists the Calculated shipping correctly. Note: BOTH new listings turned to Free Shipping when live on ebay i.e., a duplicate of last week’s bug-free listing, now lists incorrectly.

The ebay support chat confirmed there were some changes this week…don’t know if they have been passed on to GS, but obviously something is up!

For your reference/comparison (not that you can see much with access to the revise page):

Last week’s auction with successful Calculated Shipping: 142988317991

A duplicate launched today (edited content after going live, to avoid watchers and bids): 113341430182

I can supply other evidence / screenshots if you require.

Unfortunately, I only discovered this bug when I had 3 bidders worth $160 and the ebay support chat said to cancel the bids to be able to edit the shipping…but…to their surprise, doing this ended the auction immediately! (I was not impressed!) They said it was something “new”, also affected by the recent “changes”…I was not happy to be that person’s test discovery!

For now, users, you have to jump on ebay and un-check Free Shipping before you get any bids, obviously a clumsy fix for now.

Hopefully this info is useful to other Users and the GS Team.

It‘s highly unlikely that eBay would make such a crucial change to the interface GarageSale uses, without letting us know.

Usually they announce these kind of chances months or years in advance.

Its more likely that you were running into some kind of bug on our end, or on eBays end.

Please check your next listings on eBay after having them started, and let us know if this problem occurs again.

Thanks for the reply. I have had a few more rounds of correspondence with ebay today, and a further report has been sent to the technical team.

I had another glitch last night, this time Relisting within ebay, which had similar (but not the same) issues with not offering Calculated Shipping (even though all the data is there, and the selections are correct when reviewed in ebay).

I have taken that as a hint that the bug is hopefully completely on their side… as I was expecting them to easily dismiss these issues because I was using a 3rd Part listing tool.

Meanwhile, I do not get consistent results Launching and/or Revising from GS, I still have to double check on ebay but only edit 1/2 the time.

I will report back here with any solid news from ebay.

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