Shipping Information Bug - GarageSale 7 Beta 17,

There’s a crazy scenario with shipping getting erase.
I believe these are pretty serious bug, I’ll explain:

Issue 1:
Let’s say a several listings in the same Group, they all have different weight & dimensions.
Let’s say I have Shipping window open on Listing A and add weight, dimensions to Listing A, then without closing the “Shipping window” I move to Listing B, the “Shipping window” goes away and Listing B appears; however when I click the “Shipping window” from Listing B, it now has the same shipping info as Listing A, I kept going all the way down the list repeating the same and it kept occurring.

It literally replaced the shipping info in all of the listing I selected and open the “shipping window” with Listing A’s

I pick “calculated” for all my shippings, the only information affected is the Weight and Dimensions and these are important for accurate shipping calculations.

Issue 2:
After selling an item and invoicing the buyer on the eBay website the shipping prices are not showing up, I have to manually entered them.
I usually select 3 services, not a single one is prefilling the shipping amount, during the manual invoice.

Thank you.

Thanks for reporting. Can you make a short screencast (QuickTime Player > New Screen Recording) showing this. Sometimes a certain workflow is required to trigger to bug. Fixing this issue would be easier for us, if we could follow you step by step.

We’ll try to reproduce this.

Issues 1 should be fixed with the next beta release due later this week.

We are having the same problem on 7.0 Beta 18 (738). We changed the shipping weight or dimension and all in the group change. When will this bug be fixed? We are losing money every day on shipping. We can’t go back to GS 6 the variations are not working.

Thank you.

I’m sorry I didn’t send the video, I’m really not that good of mac user in general.

Could you please check if that bug is still present in beta 19 (out later today)? If you are still seeing it, please make a video (QuickTime Player > New Screen Recording) so we are able to reproduce your workflow as closely as possible.

I was unable to check it.
GS7 beta 19, keeps crashing. See the comments under the 19 release post.

Shipping is fixed but now we are have a variation problem. We ether need to add all at once how many we want or it will delete what we have if we add one. The design template ends in variations. We can add up to 25+ variations. Also why can’t we move the variations around to organize if we add one later. For example if we just add S, L, XL and want to add M later we can’t place it between S and L.

Sorry, can be more specific. Are you saying the GargeSale deletes your input when you add more variations? Can you post a screencast showing that bug (QuickTime player > New Screen recording>?

Sorry, I don’t get this. Can you please explain.

Do you know if your local order effects the order that’s seen by the buyer on eBay? If so, reordering columns and rows would of course make sense.

Variation Deleting & Arranging Variation QuickTime Clip

Sorry, if you attended to upload a video to your post, the video didn’t make it through. Can you upload your video to YouTube, DropBox, Google Drive or some similar service and share its link. Thanks.