Shipping Policy breaks Return Policy, Return Policy breaks Shipping

I know this has been discussed many times but I have never found a solution.

I made my ad, am ready to post, click Launch. I get the error ‘Select Shipping Policy’ and ‘Select Return Policy’.

But both are already selected. I have policies that worked on other listings already selected, but this time, GarageSale has a problem with them. I have received these errors before and my workaround has been to just choose a Shipping Policy at random until one works. But that’s a pain in itself as I seem to have over 100 shipping policies for some reason.

I choose a Shipping Policy, click Verify, and now the app asks for a Return Policy. I do, and now I no longer have an error about a Return Policy, but the app asks me to specify a Shipping Policy. One breaks the other.

Sometimes I’m lucky, and the Launch button does not show an error, but a listing price instead. In this past, this has meant I’m good to go. So I click Launch and then the errors come up again.

I have tried selecting ‘Don’t Use’ for my policies. No success.

Screen Shot 2021-08-04 at 9.06.48 PM

This is beyond aggravating for an app that I pay this much for. Fix this, it’s absurd. People have been complaining about it for years.

I had this issue. You have to clean up the shipping policy in ebay. Every time you post a new listing EBAY create a new shipping policy. It isn’t GSthat is the problem, it is ebay. Move all your items into one policy and rename it so you can find it in GS. Pick that policy in GS and your problem goes away. Daunting at first but the problem is in EBAY. There is a tool to clean them up and move items into one policy.

Could you point me in the direction of this tool?

I’m looking at my eBay policies and it doesn’t seem I have multiple shipping policies.

Screen Shot 2021-08-04 at 9.28.17 PM

Thank you. Fingers crossed.

I had 500 different ones that ebay set up. I now have it cut down to 6

Are all the policies supposed to be there? I do not have any listed.

It should show the 100 that are in your screen shot above

Not a single one is there. Totally empty.

The work around is choose don’t use in shipping, returns and payment. You MUST choose do not use in all 3. This was 6 months ago but it may not work now since the implementation on policies.

I made a new policy and all of them came in. Now to weed.

IT IS EASIER once you figure how to move in blocks. Do big ones first then down to the ones with 1 or 2. It took me a few hours

Do you get this page?

Yes. Working through it.

Have fun with that! :crazy_face:

Just about done. 99% of my listings use the same policies already. Just need to remove the dupes.

Thanks so much for your help with this. :+1:

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