Shipping Policy - Not uploading Business Policies from eBay to GarageSale

Hi All

Ok, have just updated to GarageSale Version 6.9.8b6 (631) although have a persistent issue with Shipping Policies :frowning:

Have read through the forum, come across one that looked similar although i could not return same positive fix.

SCENARIO: Have created custom shipping policies on both AU and US sites of ebay and can not get them to populate into the inspector field on GarageSale. Can see standard shipping guides and offerings, although none of my customs :frowning:

DONE: have loaded the custom into ACCOUNT > BUSINESS POLICIES IN EBAY and tried to refresh GarageSale to force check on custom offerings.

WHERE @: still can not see the custom offerings, it is like GarageSale is not pulling the data from ebay to GarageSale for some reason… Maybe i am overcomplicating it? maybe not… Any guidance or help or insight is greatly appreciated.


Hi All,

Typical, after an hour playing with no results and THEN i post in here i find the solution within minutes :blush:

So, overview was that i was not getting any (…) 3 dots besides the postage fields in the inspector and then i came across this post : Shipping profiles not being used by garage sale and no design store

The above post told and showed me what to look for, once i set a rate as default in the preferences screen of garagesale for both the AU site AND THE USA site - voila it was working…

Thanks for reading, and the site.

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