Shipping profiles not being used by garage sale and no design store

Hi Their, Ive been using Garage sale for about 5 years and last week my computer crashed and lost everything.
Ive re-downloaded the garage sale app so it is now current. Ive lost two templates because i no longer have a design store! can anyone explain why this gone?

Also i have business policies created with ebay and when i pick the business policy to set shipping

Then go to start auction i get this.

and it wont let me load the auction because of the shipping. Also its not carrying over the payment policy either.

Can anyone help?

Hi Caroline,

in the GarageSale preferences>New Template did you already make default settings for shipping and payment etc.? If not, it’s worth a try: Create a new auction template afterwards. Does this help?

Regards, Kristian

Hi Kristian, Ive tried everything included what you have suggested. Ive even downloaded a previous version now but its randomly closes!

I would mine so much but this is not a cheap program/app, plus i had spent money on designs which i can not use anymore and feel like its a rip off.

I just wish when its working right its left alone. If works don’t try to make it better

Hi Kristain, I have now worked it out after two days of trying.

You must a set domestic shipping set within garage Than you can choose shipping profiles in the inspector and they then come up.

So set shipping carrier & price, then click the circle with three dots for your ebay shipping profiles

Hopefully this might help someone else, and answer this question

I see purchases for two designs in our database from your e-mail address. If you still have receipts from your purchases, you can re-download your design from Design Template Manager Window by entering your transaction ID.

Ive managed to garage the current version of garage sale working with the design store now on their, found the receipt for transaction but currently can not find the other, don’t suppose you can give me dates from your system? So that I know roughly where look! I’ve which year I brought it?


You can request your transaction IDs at any time in the “Lost Licenses” section on the iwascoding website:

Regards, Kristian

Lovely thank you i will do that at some point