Shipping policy required error

error code 21919152 wont let me post tried changing shipping options from previous when it listed before.

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I am getting the same error. Occurs whenever I attempt new listings. If I re-list this does not happen.

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I ended up relisting and the errors were in eBay so I ended up fixing them there.

Same error all weekend and unable to list anything new, even using templates that I just used during the week prior.

In addition to the Shipping Policy error, there is also always:

ERROR 21919153: Payment policy is required.

Nothing has been changed on my end with respect to the templates that have always been working nor on my eBay settings (have not touched any policy settings).

I currently have a dozen or so active auctions listed in the past two weeks using copies of the very same profiles.

Exactly! The is is the absolute worst time of year for this mess. I am able to resist, but stay lol have to correct shipping policy when I gets over to Ebay.
But forget new listing even if I reuse a template or if I start a new one. Still no word back from my email to the developers either.

We asked eBay for clarification on this matter today.

I’m convinced this is related to the problem reported in August about policies not being updated on ebay when changes are made in Garage Sale.

WORKAROUND to list new auctions right now:

Instead of item specific payment or shipping, click in the “…” button for each in the inspector and pick an existing policy which you’ve verified exists in your eBay “Business Policies” section.

You should be able to list the auction without the errors.

Once listed, click on EDIT next to shipping and change the amounts as desired, then REVISE the auction. The changes will be accepted by eBay.

Also, to be clear, this isn’t a case of mixing auction-specific shipping with policy-based shipping as support has mentioned here in the forum and a support email. AFAIK there’s no way to mix these two in any case.

It’s also not an issue of item weight as there is no weight field for any flat-rate shipping anywhere, not in GS and not in eBay’s policy editor.

The simple description for the issue is that new listings from Garage Sale will fail when NOT using pre-defined shipping and Payment policies.

With my account, there is absolutely no way to list a new auction without selecting a pre-defined policy. The root seems to be that no new policy is automatically created at eBay when listing with auction-specific shipping or payment settings as was happening just last week.

I’ll repeat: In the past, every time I used item-specific shipping details via Garage Sale, a new policy was automatically created at eBay. When I duplicated an auction so as to use exactly the same item-specific values I had used in the past, a new policy would not be created, but it would re-use the one that was created before. This could be verified in eBay’s Business Policies list as these automatically created policies had live auctions assigned them.

The above no longer happens and therefore we see the errors.

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I have some preliminary response from eBay. They are not aware of any change, that made shipping or payment policy mandatory. My guess is that this behavior is an unintended site effect of some unrelated updated.

If you are running into this problem, please send me your eBay username (you can use the private message feature of this forum if like - just click on my account’s image). That’s usually the first thing eBay asks us for investigating such issues.

Sent you my username at eBay if it will help to get to the bottom of this.

Just messaged you my userid. Thanks

just pm’d you my user id

Now I’m having problems starting a new auction here is my screen shot

when i click my ebay shipping policy it then gives me an error no valid weight. when i change or adjust the weight it goes back to specify shipping policy. it only did the missing image files once it doesn’t seem to be a problem at the moment

I am having the same problem: Custom shipping = missing shipping policy error. Shipping policy = missing weight error. Help! My ebay id is armadillotales_books.

If you’re selecting a pre-defined shipping policy within GS to try and work around the missing policy error, go to eBay, then go to your Business Policy listings within your Accounts tab.

Click on the policy you’re selecting to verify its contents, making adjustments as needed or making a brand new policy from scratch to contain the details you’d like.

I’m only using FLAT shipping types at the moment and never have any weight errors (that parameter isn’t supported for flat types).

I am having the same problem. My eBay user name is huffmanmd. I can not list anything at this point - please help!

I am having the same issue as well. Ebay account checkoutmycards-stryk


Use the workaround I posted above. In short, use a policy to list, and then change the shipping manually and revise.

Thanks but if I use the policy I get the invalid weight error. If I use the custom entry I get the needs a valid shipping policy error. It’s because I use calculated shipping. Basically I am in a loop of errors.

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