Shipping profile/global shipping program conflict

I want to offer ebay’s Global Shipping Program for international orders as a money saving option for my customers. However, I can’t offer that service and use a shipping profile. When I choose “Don’t use” under shipping profile, I get an error message.
How can I use my shipping profile and offer the Global Shipping Service.
Thank you.

Could you let me know what error you get?

Also, when you create a shipping profile on the eBay website (in the “Business Policies” section), can you create a profile that has the Global Shipping Program included?

Regards, Kristian

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The error message is: Please select a shipping profile. If you selected profiles for returns and payments, you need to choose a shipping profile, too.

No, GS will not allow me to create a profile for the Global Shipping program.



Due to eBay rules you have to use the business policy profiles for all options (shipping, returns, payment) or don’t use them at all.
You probably might want to select “Don’t Use” in all three options.

You then can select the Gloabal Shipping Program in GarageSale’s shipping options.

You can’t create profiles in GarageSale that’s why my question was if you can create a profile that has the Global Shipping Program included on the eBay website. Profiles can only be created/edited on the eBay website directly.

Regards, Kristian

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Would it be beneficial to have some kind of “warning” message, or red “!”, for this condition???


Thanks for your reply. That hardly seems like a good solution, though. Why can’t the GS coders work it out that the Business Profiles are compatible with the Global Shipping Program?

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