Shipping profile trouble


When I select a shipping profile from the drop down menu it replicates that profile across all postal destinations. For example, if I select First Class Signed £4.20 for my Domestic profile it copies that profile to my International profile, thereby offering an incorrect shipping price for posting the item elsewhere.

If I choose a profile from the International drop down it copies that profile to my Domestic profile.

What am I doing wrong?


Hi James - have you set up your shipping profiles on Ebay? They are found in Site preferences / business policies and Should enable you to tailor your shipping charges. They can then be selected in GS.

I think you have to create a shipping profile that covers both domestic and international shipping.

Please learn more about how to deal with eBay’s business policies here:

Thanks, set up a profile on eBay, updated my profiles in GS, and all fine now. Cheers.

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