Shipping & Return Policy Not Uploading

HI - I am using the latest version Version 6.9.5 (616). I have been using Garagesale for years with no problems. My auctions all upload to eBay with NO errors, however if I then try and edit an auction within eBay I get a complaint that the returns policy and the shipping policy is not set even though I set these up in the inspector tool in Garagesale. Is this now a common error? Is Garagesale supported anymore? I am surely not the only person with this error?

Can you post a screenshot of the error coming up on eBay along with the item# of the listing you are trying to edit?

Hi Ilja - screen shot here. I 100% did attach shippng policy and postage in the item inspector. Item number is:-


Listing is here for reference


I am using Garagesale Version 6.9.6b5 (617)

Hi Steve,

just to make sure:
You already setup your business profiles for that specific account on your My eBay site?

Regards, Kristian

I do have some profiles setup on eBay however I never used to use them. I always used the item inspector to set postage for each item individually as they vary greatly depending on weight

By the way - I have no idea how the shipping profiles were set in eBay and no idea where to change them? If I could setup say 5 shipping costs I might be able to use it but I cannot find in my eBay account where to setup shipping profiles?

On your 2nd screenshot do you see the “create shipping profile” link. It should bring you to the desired page.

Regards, Kristian

Last bit of information. I use the option in item inspector -

“Do not use shipping profile”

I am having the same problem, its not using the set shipping porfile which i have created in ebay

Have you selected the shipping profile in GarageSale’s inspector?

Hi There, i got it to work by setting a default postage charge then it allowed me to use the business polices that i set.

In the GarageSale preferences>NewTemplate ?

Yes the template was new for me as i had to redownload the app

Same problem. I am currently unable to upload any auctions because I receive eBay errors that I have to “set a shipping policy” and I have to “set a return policy”. I assure you I have set both in every possible place there is to edit them in Garage Sale. I cannot find anywhere to reset or edit these so eBay won’t send back errors and cancel my upload.

Part of my problem appears to be that in the window where you set your shipping amount, package weight, etc. everything is grayed out under the “General” tab except “local pickup only.” I DO NOT want to use local pickup only and cannot for the life of me find where to reset or erase this so I can upload auctions to mail things. Please help.

Please give this pre-release version of GarageSale a try: