Shipping service not available or override preflight

I’m creating a listing for a sofa and have selected freight and local pickup as my shipping options. The preflight returns “shipping service not available” errors for both. I need to get this item listed and will select an option that does not generate errors and edit once posted on eBay.

For future reference, I would like to know how to avoid this problem and/or override preflight errors.

Thank you, Sarah

Hi Sarah,

could you please let us know what version of GarageSale you have installed and what eBay Site you have selected?
Maybe these shipping options are deprecated and no longer available on eBay.

Regards, Kristian


And yes, local pickup and freight are still options on eBay.

Thank you for your prompt reply.


could you please try it with “Flat Rate Freight”. That freight option seems to be still supported.

Regards, Kristian

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