Shipping Type Mapping

GS 7.0.15 (837)

If I select "air mail’ in GS as the international shipping method

it does not map correctly in Ebay invoices


Hi David,

Are you saying that “Air Mail” is not “Australia Post Air Mail Parcel”?
Does the shipping service option need to be updated in GarageSale?

Regards, Kristian

There is a very similar problem also with Italian post services, it seems that GS and ebay does not agree on the name as showed in this thread. Specifically it’s the contrary in my case, selecting a specific shipping method in ebay business policies, GS in order section download other shipping method. If it is possible to update shipping method in GS, you should do it also with other nations…

I would prefer it maps to Standard International Flat Rate Postage. There is an option for Standard International Flat Rate Postage in GS but as per an earlier message, this does not work.

Sorry, I am a bit lost here. What does this have to do with the “Air Mail” settings? What earlier message are you referring to?

Regards, Kristian

Hi Kristian

Search for my post ‘Invalid Postage Type’ of November 2017.


All OK now. I see that GS Standard Int Flat Rate is now mapping correctly again to he same shipping equivalent in Ebay. One of the later GS releases must have fixed it.


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