Shipping weight entry

When adding the weight to a domestic item and the listing is set to “flat”, You have to go to international to enter the weight. Even when I use a “flat” shipping as my choice I have to enter the weight to the listing. Why not add the weight field to the domestic tab? Clicking again to international every time to add weight is an added step. Can the weight field be added to the domestic “flat” tab? Please? thanks.

If the weight fields would always be shown for flat shipping, users would think they need to fill the weight values for flat domestic shipping as well.

If you click on the “Package”: area (where it has package/thick envelope. 6oz" in your first screenshot, you can set the weight there.

I DO have to enter the weight. That is my point. I buy a label when I ship. I need the shipping weight to be in there. The label costs me when I buy it so the weight has to be there. Every item I sell has a weight value entered whether it is flat or calculated so I have to always click on the international tab and enter the weight.

@ilja Also, USPS wants to know the weight of the flat rate box when I print the label so flat rate needs a value entered.

I thought I found a work around. If I click the “Use shipping rate table” box it makes the weight appear (using bulk edit). But it changes all the listings to one weight.

Here is a new warning:

It returns this warning when you check the “Use shipping rate table” and have the check box set to “calculated”

We just made a code change, so that the Package info area is always present, if either domestic or international shipping is set to “Calculated”, regardless of what tab of the sipping options you are in. Hope this helps.


Is there a way to set the weight programmatically (using AppleScript)?

Of course there is:

tell application "GarageSale"
    set minor weight of shipping option of item 1 of (get selected ebay listings) to 2
    set major weight of shipping option of item 1 of (get selected ebay listings) to 3
end tell

Also, Script debugger is a great app to explore GarageSale’s scripting capabilities:


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