Shipping Weight on profiles

Now that I have switched to shipping profiles the weight no longer shows at the top.

After a click on shipping profile the weight disappears. Wondering if this could shaw at all times? Thanks.

So far the package info can only be shown if “calculated shipping” is selected.
Not sure if it makes sense to always show the package info whenever a profile is used? (We can’t detect whether a shipping profile uses calculated shipping.)

Regards, Kristian

I think I asked this previously, so I was clicking the calculated and choosing free and the weight stays showing on the main screen. Now, when I have calculated chosen and choose a shipping profile the weight goes away. Ebay needs the weight entered on 100% of the listings regardless of the shipping option wether it is flat, calculated or using a shipping profile. Now I have to change the shipping profile to “Do Not Use” to see the weight, enter the weight and move the drop down back to my shipping profile.

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Even if there were a totally different model/view interface for viewing and entering weights for every listing, it would 100% improve the experience here. Even if it were a different app I could run.

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I tweaked the Preview a little bit. Any improvements for you in this version?

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PERFECT! You are the best. Thanks.

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