SKU field bug in Inventory; typo in Inventory CTRL-click menu

Once I enter something in for the SKU field and move on to another one, if I try to delete it (in order to return the field to its original visual state), I get this error pop-up:

The only way to get the field blank again is to create a new Inventory item, cut/paste/add pictures to new item, and then delete the old one.

And just a tiny side note: when accessing the CTRL-click/right-click menu when clicking in the Inventory sidebar, the option “Erase Delete Items…” should read “Erase Deleted Items…”.


thank you for the feedback. Already fixed the typo for the next release.

It seems you have a second inventory item around with an empty SKU. If you delete the other one (or add an SKU), do you still get the error?


All of my other inventory items currently have that field empty, actually.

We will fix the error in the next release, but in general it is not the way GarageSale works with inventory if you leave the field empty. Then you can not link any listing to the inventory.

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