Small Suggestion for Parts Compatibility Improvement GS 8.1.1

Glad to see that parts compatibility has finally been added into GS. With it now being added, one suggestion for improvement I would like to offer.
When selecting applicable vehicles it is not possible to select multiple vehicles at once to add them from the “Found Vehicles” to the “Selected Vehicles”, would be nice to not have to double click each vehicle individually since usually we have to selected many vehicles for one given part.
Also, once a vehicle is added to the selected vehicles, there is no way to delete just one if it is added to the list by mistake, at least not that I have seen in the current version. Right now all vehicles have to be deleted and start over if a single mistake is made.
Would like to see these small issues fixed up in a future update. Otherwise, it is nice to see this much needed feature finally added. Thanks!

Here is a release that:

  • lets you select multiple found vehicles with the shift key held down, and than add them to your listing with a single double-click
  • adds a ‘-’ button for removing vehicles from your listing (pressing cmd-Delete also works)

Thank You! That works better.
Not to be a pest but One other item I have now noticed with this is that the descriptions for vehicles seems to be different than what is provided on ebay. For example a single car year on GS can have multiple options, but there isn’t the same level of detail you would get on ebay.
On ebay the field title would be the “Trim” field and shows further detail so you can make a more accurate selection.
Example on GS for say a 2000 Chevrolet Corvette shows 3 options, All the same, But in ebay the “Trim” field is given for the selections and shows a “base coupe”, “base convertible” and “base hatchback”.
In current state it is not possible to see which vehicle is being selected which can have an effect on parts listed. If GS could pull the different field showing the further information from ebay it would make this feature even better.
Thanks again

I think in GarageSale these trims are represented in the “Variant” column but it’s strange that it just says “Base” for all 3 variants. Not sure if that’s an issue with the eBay database or GarageSale.

Regards, Kristian

If I recall correctly, we deliberately left out the “trim” feature to cut down on development time, because we weren’t sure how many people would use the Parts Compatibility feature at all.

We’ll add this feature in one of the coming version.

Great! Thanks for the feedback!

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