Smart group filter still does not have "DOES NOT CONAINT" rule for Title

I just searched the forum, and it has been what… 5 years now since this option has vanished from GS smart group settings and still nothing has changed. Seriously? I was trying to create a new smart group that excludes listings with specific words in Title and I can’t! I understand that GS relies on macOS implementation of smart folders and filters, but in macOS I can at least use Raw Query in my filter to work around this, but I cannot in GS. It’s very disappointing that in 5 years GS dev team was not able to resolve this limitation that was created by themselves when switching from their own implementation to Apple’s. And by the way, why did they need to switch Apple’s filters if their own implementation was working fine and had broader functionality? Hmmmmm…

You probably can achieve this with the Advanced Smart Group Options.

Wowzer, that worked!!! Solved! Thank you so much!!!

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