Smart Group for all active & prepared auctions

Can someone help me with setting up this Smart Group?
I need to create a group for all active & scheduled auction listings.

I’ve tried figuring this out on my own. It might be that my cold medicine addled brain is missing something super simple, but I’m at a loss today and I can’t figure this out! :confused:


To create a smart group for all active & prepared listings, please give these rules a try:

State > is not > Ended successfully
State > is not > Ended unsuccessfully

After closing the smart group settings it might be needed to temporary select another smart group so the view of the previously edited smart group gets reloaded.

Regards, Kristian

But this will include all listings, right? I only want to see the auctions - I want to exclude all fixed price listings.

This should do the trick:

Ha! That’s exactly what I was looking for, thank you! I should have been able to figure this out! :grin: