Smart group option of simply "Running"

I’m trying to create a smart group of all items in a certain category that are actively running. There are only smart group options for “Running With Bids or Sales” or “Running Without Bids or Sales”. I want to see ALL items that are actively running, the status of bids/sales doesn’t matter, just if it is actively running or not. Can we get a simple “Running” option?

Thanks for your consideration!

You might try a smart group that has “Running With Bids or Sales” + “Running Without Bids or Sales”. This would surely show all running auctions.


Thanks Steve! I tried that but it unfortunately doesn’t work since the two options contradict each other. It ends up not displaying either.

Did you select “Any” > “of the following are true” ?

Regards, Kristian

Hi Kristian,

There are other smart group options that I’m using at the same time (“Seller Account is” and “Primary Store Category is”), so I have to have “All” be true, not “Any”.

OK, so how about:

is not > prepared
is not > ended successfully
is not > ended unsuccessfully

Ah yes, I hadn’t looked at it backwards. That works! Thanks! :smiley:

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