Smart Groups broken

GarageSale 9.2.1 [Pro], macOS 12.6.2.

Active Listings shows 2 sold items. Prepared Listings shows 5 items, but there are really 13. Restarting the app doesn’t fix the issue. I’ve not remoted into my other Mac to see if that one is in sync and has the same incorrect filtering.

Any idea how to fix this?

Quick update: just listed one item - now that listed item shows up in the Prepared Smart Group, but not the Active Listings one.


If not done already, refresh your eBay access tokens in the GarageSale preferences > Accounts. Afterwards restart GarageSale and select “Update All Listings” from the “Listing” menu.

You already double-checked your smart group settings, I assume?

Did all of that; the only thing that fixed the issues was to go into edit mode for each smart group and hit the okay button. That forced the collections to be accurate. Thanks!

Note that I have to do this many, many times per smart group for them to actually reset to their proper values. And if I do them out of order, then things get even messier [clicking OK on the Prepared smart group first, will add more entries in the Active Listings that should not be there, etc]. I am unsure why this behavior is happening as it never used to be like this, but at random points during the day, I need to do this to keep the smart groups accurate. Perhaps it is a syncing issue with my other 9.2.1 GS install?

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