Smart Groups Glitch?

Hi. I have a Smart Group created where unsold items that have finished listing are moved to a folder. The criteria are “All - Status - Is - Ended Unsucessfully” .Mostly this works but I have a bunch of finished listings that remain in my Live Listing smart folder, even though they are marked as Finished. I can’t figure out why they are not moved to the Unsold folder.

I’ve attached a screen shot so you can see how live and finished listings are appearing on the same page as once.


Cannot cut and paste image for some reason but can mail on request.

You should be able to drag a screenshot image file directly into the reply box on this page. Maybe this works. If not, please send the screenshot with a link to this thread to Thanks.

Hi there - screenshot attached.

Thanks. It seems the “state” property was not properly written back to the database in some occasions.

I have an idea how to fix this. With the first beta release of GarageSale 7.0.5, the problem will hopefully cure itself after a little while.

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