Smart Groups not working properly

I know there have been a number of issues with Smart Groups. This one is for incorrect results using Bin it now > 12.0.
Not sure if it has been mentioned before.

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If you change the BIN price for the shown “Fly TAA” postcard from 1.50 to something above 13.00, briefly select another listing to make GS save your changes, does it still appear your “BIN > 12” the smart group?

Very interesting Ilja. I changed that item to $14.50, then selected another item as you suggested. The “Fly TAA” item remained in my smart group with the new BIN price.

I then reverted back to the original price of $1.50 and voila, it disappeared from the group. Hope this helps you.


PS. How do you update smart groups. Do you check each smart group after an item has been edited and apply a flag to that item? This could possible leave a flag after a system crash.


Yes, that’s how the smart group system works.

Opening the Smart group editor panel and closing it with the “OK” button should rebuild the smart group’s contents from scratch. Maybe this helps getting correct result in your smart groups?

Sorry Ilja. Have tried all sorts of tricks but nothing works for me.

It may be the corrupt database that you suggested I had many months ag0

Would love a tool to check it!!!

Maybe you could test this listing?

Fly TAA the Friendly Way Postcard 1970s? (536.1 KB)

Here is what you can do to rebuild your library’s index (which is used to populate smart group):

  1. Quit GarageSale
  2. Start GarageSale while holding down the Control key on your keyboard
  3. Check the “Rebuild all indexes” checkbox.

You should make sure to have a working backup of your GarageSale data before starting this operation.

I’ve got an issue with the Waiting for Payment not working. I’ve got multiple auctions waiting for payment in eBay, but they never show up in this smart group. They move to the Ready to Ship once they pay, but nothing ever shows up in the Waiting for Payment group. The settings are Status=Complete, Payment Received=No, Refunded=No.

Can you please check the orders in questions in GarageSale Order mode:
Could it be that the buyers didn’t complete the checkout process on eBay?

How long should it take on about 12,000 records - I know it is dependent on the computer?

Screen shot here. No activity for 15 mins

In case it remains stuck, please send me your GarageSale.leveldb file via DropBox and we’ll have a look. If your DropBox account hasn’t sufficient room, I can provide your with an upload link.

It is 2.23GB so I think it will exceed my dropbox limit.

Please use this link to upload the GarageSale.leveldb as a zip file:

They haven’t completed the checkout process, but that shouldn’t matter. If the item has sold, then I’m awaiting payment. Is there any way to see items that have sold no matter what status they’re in in eBay? Once it’s sold, it should show up in Waiting for Payment immediately, irregardless of whether they’ve actually completed the checkout process.

Thanks again!

Hi - about Waiting for Payment smart group where they haven’t completed the checkout, I created a second smart group - “Checkout Not Completed” and put the conditions as

“None” of the following are true
Payment Received is Yes


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