Smart Groups Title and all text fields do not have "Does not contain" option

Using GarageSale Version 7.0.13 (827), macOS Version 10.12.6 (16G1212)

The Smart Group filter for Title and all text items does not have the “Does not contain” option. This is frequently used in many of my Smart Groups.

Also, since this option is not available, I have MANY Smart Groups that did not convert from GS6 to GS7, the “Title does not contain” triggers were just ignored and not converted!

Smart Groups Title and all text fields do not have "Does not contain" option GS6
Smart Groups Title and all text fields do not have "Does not contain" option GS7

I find that Smart Groups are too buggy to rely on.

Hi David,

Yes, I am having several issues also… And trying to narrow them down to easily re-producable cases. But it sure seems like there are just “un-initialized variables” that change every time the application is launched or every time the Smart Group filter window is opened and closed. I have several Smart Groups that show the correct contents “after awhile”, or after application launch in the morning. Then if I double-click to open the Smart Group filter window and click OK without changing anything, the Group will return thousands of results… I also have a few more issues. What kinds of issues do you see???


Hi Neal
I have been having so many general issues for a long time now.

  1. Smart search BIN > 11.99 brings up items that do not even have a BIN value and other that do but are less than 11.99

  2. Smart Search ignores leading SPACES and so I can never find which of my 17000 have the leading space BUT Sort by Title DOES sort using leading spaces so it is easy to miss an item which is in the “wrong!” location.

  3. When I perform a search in GS it does not expand the groups to show me where the item so basically I have to use COMMAND A to expand everything first.

  4. Which leads me to my biggest bugbear. The bloody spinning wheel.
    About one month back I re-indexed my database and the spinning wheel disappeared.
    I then upgraded to the latest release and the damned thing came back.

Besides the speed, the biggest issue with that wheel is when I perform a search and select multiple items. When I try to move them, the wheel starts to spin and I have no idea where they have gone. I then have to search again. I should note that I require all all groups to be collapsed before moving items because otherwise I may have to scroll through 1000s of items.

On the topic of searching, it seems to me that the search is being performed as soon as the first few chars of the search pattern are entered and then slowly filtered - again that damned spinning wheel.

I love the concept and I also appreciate how quickly the support staff are to respond and help but it is extremely frustrating that so many people seem to have so many different issues.

Well. That is off my chest.

PS. Just rebuilt my database and that was very quick. I am now re-indexing “again”. I think I am 20 mins into it and it is still going.


I have now re-built the DB and re-inexed it but my friend the wheel does not want to leave my side.

To quote some Aussie slang, It is still as slow as a wet weekend.



“the wheel”??? Are you getting the spinning pizza frequently??? I am… Just can’t quite correlate it to any particular action yet… Maybe periodic database saving???


Really don’t know what it is doing.

05 pm

So this part should not be an issue. Anyway, it is all the time.


Hi David,

OK! Well, now we are getting somewhere!

I just upgraded to v7.x and converted from v6.9.8 about 2 weeks ago.

I have 21309 listings. And I get a spinning pizza every couple of minutes for 5-10 seconds doing just about anything.

I also have a ButItNow Smart Group “Buy It Now > 999.99” that just does not show the correct listings… See other thread topic for details.

Yes, Smart Search???, Smart Groups have issues with “title contains ‘abc xyz 123’”. See other thread topic for details.

I also get the spinning pizza for 4-6 seconds EVERY time I do a title Search for a full title. Searching for 1 word is quick <1 second, searching for an exact title of 70+ characters takes 4-6 seconds. I will detail this in another thread soon. (GS v6 was much more responsive…)

Yes, I agree. GarageSale 6.9.8 only started to search after you entered 4 characters. This was much more acceptable to me.

YES, I AGREE COMPLETELY!!! Ilja, Kristian and company are GREAT!!

I am going to continue to try to isolate and report issues…


Seems like we are on the same page, Neal.


I really need the Smart Group filter “Does NOT contain” trigger for Title field and other text items to be able to utilize the Smart Groups to eliminate unwanted listings, like I did in GS v6.


Here is an explanation why this feature is not there:

In GS 6, the whole smart group system was custom code we had written ourselves.

In GS 7, we are using Apple’s code (mostly) for displaying and encoding the smart group you specify. Unfortunately, Apple system doesn’t define an “Doesn’t not contain” rule type. (*)

I confident, that we can “extend” Apple’s system, it will just take time.


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Another point with the “spinning wheel” when searching. Mine seems to start after entering 3 chars in the Search Box and then can often show what looks like all 18,000 items in the search results window. When I put the printer in the search results window, th wheel starts to spin again before selecting only those items that match the search.
Why does this happen Ilja?


Not printer but mouse pointer.

Can you record a short screen cast to display that issue?

Here is what worked good for me on this forum.

  1. Download Claquette (free) from the Mac App Store:
  2. Record the behaviour
  3. Use the Trim and Crop commands to reduce the file size
  4. Export screencast and animated GIF, reduced to 50% size

This should produce a small file which can be viewed inline on this forum.


David, just for future reference…

You can “edit” a previous post (to fix the wording) by clicking the pencil icon in the lower right corner of the message.


No longer free. Am I looking at the correct item?

If this is the correct one I will just buy it anyway.


Yes, that’s the correct app. I think it was free when I last looked at it. Sorry…

That’s Ok. I will give it a go in the morning.

Hi Ilja

Unfortunately the spinning beachball is not picked up by this application. Everything else is recorded ut not the spinning beach ball.


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