Smartfolder filter "used auto ending"

I just realized there is not a filter in Smart Folders to catch those listings which have been automatically ended by eBay. There is “used auto restart feature” filter, but there is not “used auto ending”. Is it possible to be added? That would be very useful.

Thank you

Are you talking about GarageSale’s Auto-Cancel feature?

Hi Ilja, yes exactly. Just the end process, not auto-relist.

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I agree, It would be easier than looking for the ended listings with no bids or sales.

Further, you might mistakenly relist listings manually closed. Now I am using smart folder:

status is ended without success
auto cancel feature is enabled

This way, if you manually close a listing sold outside eBay which has auto cancel feature enabled, it will be displayed in that smart folder and you risk to relist a sold listing. @ilja what do you think about this?

A “sold” listing is shown with a different color than “ended”.

If you sell outside eBay, listing is not green. You manually end it and so it is dark grey exactly as auto-cancelled ones. If you manually end a listing which has auto-cancel feature enabled, it stays enabled and so it will be displayed in the smart folder. This way you risk to relist an item which has been sold outside eBay (like in the shop or on another website).

I missed that part of your reply

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