So much data entry that is disregarded?

I think the attached screenshot explains this best. I have 100s of items I enter, and GarageSale always requires me to type into the fields [which have values that truly need to be empty so one doesn’t have to delete them first!] in the Attributes section. But as the screenshot shows, all that “required” info that GS wants, is ignored by eBay. So why bother having this feature? For this particular item, the category is Books.

GarageSale Preflight 2023-10-15 06-50-51

GS 9.4.2, macOS 13.5.2

Any way to fix this behavior?

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That’s indeed frustrating. What makes no sense for us as developers, that eBay on the hand insists that Book Title and Author are required attributes, on the other hand does not provide a way for us to retrieved those attributes from the selected book in their product database.

We are working on a release that at least copies some of the attributes provided by eBay (e.g. language) for the selected entry from their book catalog to your listing.

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We spent the last two days on improving the listing process in Book (and probably similar) categories.

It all comes down to not requiring ‘required’ attributes (author, title, language) when the ‘Include additional information’ box is checked in the Products panel is checked. Our assumption is that eBay does not indeed required attributes, if the listing is backed up by a product from its catalog.

Please check out the GS 9.5 Beta 2 release:

Hope this helps somewhat:

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Thanks so much. I will check the beta out this weekend. I primary list in the Books category, plus Magazines, Movies/TV [DVD/Blu Ray/VHS], Music [Cassettes [really!], CDs], AudioBooks [on CD/Cassette], and some collectable categories and board games/puzzles. I’ve been more active with eBay lately as my business primary started on Amazon, which is more “product page” friendly than eBay.

The GS feature that allows you to scan a barcode to find a product on eBay and have things like a stock photo and basic data entered for the listing, rarely works for me in those categories. Typing a book title there sometimes does, but there’s so many editions to a book that I never know if the title in the list is the one I have [barcodes often contain the ISBN of the book, which can be different based on the edition and format of the title].

Anyway, I will check the beta out this weekend. Thanks so much!

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