Sold items not shown in "Ready to ship"

I have several items today not showing up in “ready to ship”.

The only thing these items have in common is that they were all sold yesterday.

I have tried to edit each property, paid, unpaid, successfully finished, etc. I have even made new smart groups and have “update auctions” many times. I have closed the program, restarted it as well as restarted my computer and still nothing.

I have checked the paypal email and account (because I used to use 2 emails long ago) and everything is as it should be. The items are showing up in eBay as paid and ready to ship, but I use Endicia for shipping on OS X, so I wanted them to appear in Garage Sale. Plus its just super annoying I can’t get them to show up. Thanks for your help!

What version of GarageSale are you using?

If you are using some version of GarageSale 6, try holding down the alt/option key when selecting the “Update Auction States” command from the “Auctions” menu.

I am using 6.9.8b

My auctions file menu doesn’t have an “update auctions state”. The closest thing it has is “Download Auction States” which I tried with the option key to no avail. I also tried holding down the option key while pressing the “update auctions” icon on the top shortcut bar with no results.

Interestingly, I just sold something yesterday, and it has shown up, but I am missing 4 auctions from the day before.