Sold Items Verification

Another issue with verification.

When I select a number of sold items, GS8 verifies them. Is there a reason it does that?
See movie below. Sold items are in green.

Screen Recording (GarageSale).gif

Is verification with Ebay or internally or Both?

Would love to be able to turn it off completely.


You can make changes to sold items, and relist and restart them afterwards. So, verifying sold listings makes sense.


Why? Internal verification should be pretty fast, and eBay verification is done a background thread, so you shouldn’t even notice.

Oh I see. I must work in a different way then because I alway make a duplicate of a sold item if I am going to relist it. Preserves the one on one relationship with the buyer.

I would still like to see an option to turn off verification.

Regards David

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