SOLVED: Trying to do bulk edits but FAILS every time

I am trying to do a bulk edit to change preferences to require immediate payment. It only allows 211 listings before it freezes on won’t continue. Same for anyone else? Trying with the payments window open. It won’t allow to choose all in a folder if over 211 items.

I found a work around. I used the gear in the upper right corner of the panel and did a copying paste and it finally applied the immediate payment option to all the listings.

I have experienced the same when attempting to change VAT/Tax for multiple listings. It seems to work for 5-10 at a time, but if I attempt 200 it won’t even present the option to alter this setting.

UPDATE: If any listing has ANYTHING other than “Do Not Use” you CANNOT check the checkbox for immediate payments. You have to find the offending listing and change it to “do not use” OR click the “Do Not Use” line under the payment profile to clear the offending listing and then it becomes possible to check the box.

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