Some little features that I am really missing

it is some days I am thinking about little features that would really do the difference. I read some features requests during last weeks so here some good ideas:

  1. phone number: it is extremely important! Why don’t you add it under email in order section right hand bar?

  2. fiscal code: another extremely important detail. In preferences you can set an option that obligates buyers to leave their fiscal code before buying any item. It is “necessary” to put over invoice… theoretically…

  3. copy address: a button just right to the shipping address that copy complete address, so we can easily paste. wherever we want. That would be so useful…

I hope you will find valid there points.

Is fiscal code something like VAT ID? Or a general tax ID ?

Hello @ilja , fiscal code is VAT number if I release invoice to a company (like iwascoding), while fiscal code is the univocal code of each person over your ID card (like releasing invoice to Ilja Iwas). Any invoice must have customers’ fiscal code. It might be something specifically Italian, but this is necessary, and also ebay gives sellers the possibility to accept an order only if the buyer leaves his code:

Enabling this option, buyers is required to leave their code when they do the purchase and they cannot buy without releasing it. It would be useful if GS displayed that code in customers details, if possible…
I hope it makes sense, let me know if you need any other info.

Thank you

So, if I got you right these are actually two new requests:

  1. You want to add an additional buyer requirement, that only buyers wo specified a fiscal ID on ebay can purchase your products
  2. You want GarageSale to show that fiscal ID on the order section?


Good morning @ilja ,
no no wait, I try to explain better.

  1. this is already possible to do as shown in my previous photo. You have to select that option in ebay preferences and ALL orders will require customers their fiscal code. It does not depend on GS…


  1. yes, it would be useful. This is a general advice for GS that would be really useful for those who do business over ebay and require fiscal code to customers. A field where they find that code would prevent them to go every time in ebay and then switch back to GS. The more you do from GS, the better is…

Told this, the 2 things that would be much more useful are this :innocent:

Especially the phone number, couriers requires it to me, so I have to go to pick it up in ebay every time…

I tried to point out some feature that would be useful for all and I kept for me those other that are (probably) more suitable for a little group of seller

Thank you

P.S. Tell me if you got right my English :grin:

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