Some new bugs and problems

today I found some new bugs in the latest beta:

  1. I am having the same problem already reported by other users, which is the icon color not real (in particular I noticed a sold item that was blue, I had to refresh the listing to see icon becoming green).

  2. Issue with the 2 different way to display a bulk of listing (without and with image). Try to select a group and then switch to the view with image, then back again to the view without images, then select a new group of listing (different from the first group) and switch to the view with images… you will see the listing of the first group, you have to switch again one more time between the 2 views and it will correctly display them.

  3. this is the most serious, the auto-relisting of listing which have quantity > 0 set the quantity to zero after the relisting, so a red icon worning is shown in the advanced tab and the listing is not relisted at all

  4. I set a smart group with "quantity = 0 " and “auto-restart is yes”… well, 52 listing are shown, but what’s strange is that those listing are still active so it is impossible that quantity is zero.

That should be it. Now some questions:

  • how can I set a smart group in order to see all those listings which were not successfully relisted for some reason and so are still inactive with the red error icon in advanced tab? Is it possible to group listings with “auto-restart yes” but are inactive?

  • is everything ok? I see some strange high value as GSamount… ???

Thank you

From your screenshot it looks like GarageSale needs to download information for about 7500 listings. It downloads order information once it has finished that. My guess that you need to be more patient and need to wait for all 146 result pages to be downloaded.

Could you do a quick screen video of this. I personally use a tool called Claquette (, which lets my export captured videos as animated GIF files (after I cropped the video to the relevant portion). This forum software lets my directly uploader those animated GIF files, which is very convenient.

I’m not sure I get what you are saying. My best understanding is this:

  1. You have a listing which is sold and auto-relisted.
  2. The auto-relisted listing in GarageSale shows a quantity of zero
  3. When this listed is about to get auto-relisted, the auto-relist fails because quantity is zero


Thanks for reply @ilja !

Uhm that’s strange, I have currently about 2600 listing, why 7500?? :thinking:

Sure I can, but that app costs 10 € :grin: I will do it with Quicktime player, I hope that’s fine anyway…

Yes. That’s really strange, I found many many listings with quantity > 1 that were not relisted because quantity was zero… but when they expired the quantity was at least 2, so it must be an issue… look!!! Every time it expires (quantity was 2 or 3)…

Are you sure that there is not some issue with the auto-relisting feature with multiple items listing, @ilja ?

What version of OS X are you running?

Currently Sierra 10.12.2

@ilja is there something strange?

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