Some of my live listings are missing from GS

Some of my live listings are missing from GS

I do the standard, Import/Import from my eBay

I am using ver8

If you invoke the the “Import from My eBay” panel are you saying that it doesn’t list all listings that are curently live on eBay?

If so, did you already check whether you have maybe activated some filter options in the gear menu in the bottom left corner?

Regards, Kristian

I have 19 active listings, GS only imports 16
Nothing selected in the bottom LHS gear filter

Is there maybe something special about these 3 missing listings?

Could you send a link to one of these 3 listings?

Regards, Kristian

The issue started when I upgraded the GS

If you search for “133339412176” (that’s the listing’s item ID) in your GarageSale does it find anything?

Also, are these other 16 listings GTC listings (fixed-price items), too?

Regards, Kristian

When you switch to the “Live” tab in GarageSale for that listing, what does GarageSale display as start date?

The listing is not in my garage sale, that’s why I made this post.

Any chance you can find out on eBay when the listing was started? I have the suspicion that your listing might be originally started outside the time frame that GarageSale uses.