Some Smart Groups are just not always auto-updating

Using GarageSale Version 7.0.13 (827), macOS Version 10.12.6 (16G1212)

Some Smart Groups are just not always auto-updating… It is very strange. I have this Smart Group for only a “Buy It Now Price > 999.99”. There has always been 1 item with a 3000.00 price since the conversion from GS6. It has never shown up. Today, I changed 3 other items to have a >999.99 price and none of them showed up. Then all of a sudden they showed up! Not sure what I did to “trigger” the smart group to recalc all of a sudden!

Now, I changed the filter value back to 999.99 and the 4! items are showing up, again! As you can see only 1 of them has a price >999.99!

It appears like the Smart Groups are using some outdated cached listing prices to do the comparison!!!

Also, if I open the Smart Group and change the BIN filter value (which should result in 0 items) and click the OK button, the Smart Group DOES NOT Refresh and remove the item. Smart Groups should ALWAYS do a “total recalc” when the filer window is closed.

Smart Groups Buy It Now Price and all number fields are too small GS7-2

Then at some point last evening, the Smart Group contents changed to 2 items. And now again this morning, after Quit last night and ReLaunch the app this morning the Smart Group still has 2 items. And one of them does not fit since it has a less than 999.99 price.

And now after the application being open for about 10 minutes, the Smart Group contents are now correct! Something strange is going on… (Smart Group using outdated cached data???)

I have, and had have, issues with the Smart Groups in Orders. I’ve posted before about these and it’s still happening with some very recent sales. My Smart Group is waiting on feedback. What is suppose to happen is when they give me feedback, GS should move them from Waiting for Feedback to Give Feedback. When they give me positive feedback, verified via the eBay app, GS does not pick it up. So I’m always waiting on their feedback. So, it’s still happening. I agree, they just don’t seem to be auto-updating correctly. Hope this gets looked at, maybe before the next release.

Sorry, the “Feedback Received” is a special case. Historically eBay always had problems transmitting that flag over it’s third-party API.

Before you ask, the eBay App on iOS uses it’s a special API not accessible to third-parties.

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