Some troubles with indexing

I am not very sure this problem comes from GS, but since writing to eBay assistance is always so useless and annoying I thought to post here my problem… maybe you can help me.
It is some months I have noticed that my listings have indexing problems. I mean, if I use eBay search engine I cannot find them. I give you one concrete examples but I can say many others if you need.
Listing title is “NORWAY Hammerfest landscape 1890c glass magic lantern slide photo CBDD52”. If I look for “slide Norvegia” I do not find at all this listing; at first I thought it was because of “Norvegia” is not in my listing’s title, but then I found many many other listings from other sellers that have my exact word in title BUT not “Norvegia” (for example I find one listing whose title is “Glass Magic lantern slide UNKNOWN LOCATION 11 NORWAY - MAN ON HORSE IN FJORD”… as you notice “norvegia” is not in the title and the words are almost the same of my listing). Then I tried to change and looked for “slide norway”… now my listings are in top results and there are also those others from other sellers…
This trouble is a bit worrying me. I really hope you could help me… why I cannot find my listing if I do not use exact words, although I can find other sellers’ listings that have not exact title?? Is this an indexing problem? If yes, what I am doing wrong?

Thank you

P.S. That’s not all!! This happens if I use… if I try to look for “slide norway” using I cannot find at all my listing :disappointed_relieved: this must be an indexing trouble. I am using shipping profile with shipping worldwide without any exclusions… please help me :pray:

Do you have a link to this Norway listing for me?

@ilja Super fast reply, thank you!!

Well, Ilja, my trouble is that this problem exists for every listing I have… I chose the norvegian slide because there are several foreign sellers whose listings are found also with italian word. Anyway, this is he listing
Tell me if you need any other info

Have a nice evening

@ilja another strange thing is that if you use and look for “norway slide” there are about 550 results, I checked them all and my listing is not there, if you just add CBDD52 you immediately find it also using . I don’t know but I suppose it is an indexing problem because using general words (as all buyers do) you do not find my listings…

I was able to see your listing on when searching for “Norway Hammerfest slide”.

I have no clue how eBay index works, but I assume they prioritize some key words and drop others.

If you are selling to the US regularly, maybe you should consider listing your items on directly?

yes I noticed it, if I add another word like Hammerfest I can find my listing, but what worries me is that no one will search “Norway Hammerfest slide” but more probably “Norway slide” and with these words my listing does not appear at all in results. But that’s strange because other sellers who have my same items with same title can be found both using “Norway slide” and “Norway Hammerfest slide”… so don’t you know why this?
Concerning selling in, I tried it but there are some problem: number of listing is limited, besides there is the opposite problem: I cannot find my listing from other eBay site like .it or .de (european site in general excluding I am trying to know if this problem is inside my listings, GS or depends only on eBay…

(we are talking about Norway but this problem exists for almost all items)

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