Sorry, error is encountered when creating your item

I am using GS 9.1.1 (Pro) and got this error when posting an item. I’ve never received this before and I tried to troubleshoot the message but I had no luck. All the categories and attributes are correct. Here is what I get back

I am getting this too, just now. Only 1 out of 10 items will go live. The one that went live is just like the 9 others that has issues, only title, photos and a few attributes are altered.

Using latest beta version.

Seems to be working again, just started the remaining 9. I did not do anything different to get them working.

eBay seems to be doing some bad devops stuff today. I had a block of about an hour where every listing I stopped and tried to restart was failing for random (and incorrect) reasons. Basically it seems to be sporadic problems in their validation servers, that check items being launched. I waited a while, and it was better again. Sounds like it is happening off and on all day.

Yes, seems to be an API related issue. I’ve seen people using bulk edit or non GS applications having same issues today.

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