Sorting Listings (again)

I add an inventory code at the end of the title of each listings. It would be infinitely useful to order listing by inventory code, but I suppose GS can’t do it if the code is at the end of the title. So I tried to put it at the beginning, the result despairs me … what about fixing this meaningless way to order listings?
For a better explanation, I actually don’t understand the way GS order listings by titles. Just give a look to titles: 10-100-101-102-…-11-12-…-2-20-21-… come on, it makes no sense! It orders using the first number, then the second, then the third… is it a bug or is it really the way GS orders titles??

Thanks for any consideration

Can you give me about 5 example listing titles, sorted how GarageSale currently sorts them, and sorted how you think they should be sorted.

If you create folders with those 5 titles in the macOS Finder, are these folders sorted how you’d like them?

Come on Ilja, am I talking about something so strange??

Not how I’d like, but how good sense teaches. GS sorts numbers like letters (11 comes after 100 because considering the second “letter” 100 comes before, 0 before 1). Not a pain, I can leave also without this… but actually it does not make very sense, don’t you think?

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