Spacing out relistings with time increments

I have about 100 or so auctions I want to relist - without changes -. Is there a way to set that up like an event where they get spaced out in time increments?

Hi Calmmix,

if you setup an event with several listings included there’s an “interval” option that you can use.
Please see the GarageSale help here for all details:

Please note that you can only use the scheduler to “start” listings, you can’t use it to use eBay’s “relisting” feature.
In the next major version of GarageSale there’s a new option available in GarageSale’s Launch Control window letting you define a “Minimum interval between launches”. This can be used for relisting listings as well!

Regards, Kristian

So there is no way to schedule relistings like an event?

That’s true, you can’t schedule “relists”.

Regards, Kristian

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