Spinning Beachball re-appears


Although the latest version of GS8 is much faster, I can still get the dreaded beachball when performing innocuous operations.

I took the two spindumps this evening when I was just moving the context/cursor to an adjacent listing.

Spindump david2 20200902.txt (2.4 MB)
Spindump david 20200902.txt (2.5 MB)


No response from GS Team so keeping this Topic alive.

The beach ball appears, when GarageSale is updating a smart group that uses a relative date rule, like “ends within x days”.

In particular, from the limited information present in the spin dump, it seems that determining if a particular item is contained within the crash costs a lot of performance.

Here are a few question that might help us optimize the code:

  • How many smart groups using a relative date rule do you have?
  • What’s the highest number of items any of those smart groups contains?

Hi Ilja

I have three smart groups which are similar.

I might delete them and see if the performance improves.


I made some optimization out of the blue when it comes to updating smart groups using relative dates. It might be hard to track down any improvements, as this process only runs when you launch GS and then every 60 minutes.


Let me know if you see the spinning beach ball again.

Thanks Ilja

I will implement the new release but before I do so I neglected to mention that GS had hung (much earlier) when performing this procedure.

  1. Performed a search.
  2. Selected multiple, non-adjacent items and then selected “move items to…’.
  3. GS Hung.
  4. Had to Force Quit.

I think it had left “orphans” somewhere because when I removed the orphans this morning, GS has speeded up again.

I will load your latest release and then see if I can reproduce the hang again - in a few days.


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