Spinning beachball

I’m getting the spinning beachball when selecting a smart group and stopping all items (approximately 10 to 20 to 50 items) in the smart group.

Using GarageSale 9.1 (1469) on macOS 12.6.1 (21G217), iMac (24-inch, M1, 2021), 16 GB Memory.

This did NOT happen back in July and August 2022, not sure what version was current 4 months ago…

Here are several Sample reports.


Archive.zip (360.2 KB)

I am running 12.5.1 with 9.1. I can honestly say I haven’t seen the beachball in so long I cant recall except 1 time and it turned out it was GS downloading the latest version and I didn’t know it until it was done. My biggest time waster is the updating categories when I want to work when I would think that would be something that could be performed any time in the background and not get the gear turning as the download is being done. Are there that many category changes being done that multiple times a week it has to be performed?

More Spindump and Sample reports of spinning beachball.

Activity Viewer window does not show any activity.


Sample of GarageSale.zip (367.9 KB)

Spindump.zip (743.6 KB)

This beachball happens when the “Order By” popup is set to “End Time” for a Smart Group that has >400 items.

If I change the “Order By” popup from “End Time”, to “Do Not Order”, the beachball does NOT happen.


Screen Shot 2022-11-07 at 7.50.11 PM

How many items do you have in that smart group?

From the sample, it looks sorting consumes all the CPU cycles. On the other hand, sorting might be invoked too often. That’s hard to tell from the sample alone.

The frequency and length of the beachball certainly does depend on the number of items in the Smart Group!!

Those Smart Groups had 400-500 items in them. And as I Stop and Relist some items, the Smart Group size gets smaller and the beachball shows up for less time. But still shows up “constantly” until the number of listings gets down to a few, less than 10-20…

Also, yes you are correct it is the sorting, because if I change the Order By to Do Not Order/Sort, there is no beachball.

Seems like it is sorting every time every item in the Smart Group changes. Like if I Stop 50 items, it happens MANY times. Rather than once for all items???

I might not have that many items in that Smart group for another 28 days… :slight_smile:

But, I could certainly change the # days trigger and get many items for testing.


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This version contain some small changes that reduce the number of smart group updates when ending a lot of items. Maybe you can already see an improvement with it:


Definitely still happens with v9.1.1b1 and same issue …
Samples and Spindumps from:
While Stopping 55 listings
While Relisting 55 listings

Also happens while sitting Idle - Activity Monitor did NOT save any open windows when quitting… :frowning:

While Stopping.zip (1.5 MB)
While Relisting.zip (1.8 MB)

When you say 55 Relistings, are you doing a Start Listing or Relist Listing? From the name of your smart group, it looks like you’re doing a manual stop, then a manual start. Just curious as to your workflow vs just using the built in auto cancel auto restart (which is really a relist).


Yes, that is correct.

I do a manual stop and manual relist every 28/29 days on each and every one of my items. I Stop. Lower price by ~10%. Relist. Yes, it is time consuming, but I rarely have items in inventory for more than 6 months…


ok thank you. I noticed my relisted items using the built-in AutoRestart don’t show in my store as Newly Listed so was thinking of doing a manual stop but then do a manual start rather than a relist, so i was wondering if that’s what you were doing. sorry to hijack your thread, hope the spinning beachball gets fixed for you

SOMETIMES I do a Start, rather than a Relist…

If there are 0 Watchers, and few Viewers. Not sure if it makes any difference… :man_shrugging:


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Hi Neal,

here is an updated version with even more optimization for sorted smart groups. Please give it a try next time you are doing the mass-relists/endings:


I just did a test with a Smart Group containing 2000 listings, and I did a Stop and Relist with 55 items in that group.

Seems to be working MUCH better, and MUCH more responsive. NO beach balls…



Thanks for testing! :kissing_heart:

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