Start a running listing

How about disabling the Start button (and all menu options) for running listings, just like the Relist button???

I can not Relist a running listing, so I’m not sure why or when I would want to Start a running listing, since eBay does not allow duplicate listings.

I THINK the Start button should have the same rules for enable/disable as the Relist button.

Now, if I Start a running listing by mistake, I have to clean up my mess and go find the existing running listings in the Deleted Listings folder and then Stop them.


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Use the “Undo Move To Trash” in the edit menu. That moves my mistaken “Start” back next to the new listing which I then cancel. This is a brilliant idea that I hope GS implements. I wish I would have thought of suggesting it.

Oh! I’ll try it next time…


Actually, “Prepared” listings can be Started, but not Relisted…


This only works if you have the original set to be moved to the trash.

Also, the “cancel” button is disabled in this situation making it impossible to undo your wrong click. Alternatively, If the cancel button would be made to work that would also undo the incorrect click.
How about disabling the empty trash if there is a running listing in it. Why would I want to delete a running listing?

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