Start items Listings Count number incorrect?

Should this read ‘Start 1 of 3 Listings’ rather than ‘Start 0 of 3 Listings’?

I am running the latest update 9.4b11 (1532)

Can anyone with an older version check?

Anyway I CANNOT list directly by invoking START from the drop down menu. The items get to the GS Launch Control but do not start. However, I CAN list by creating a Scheduled Event.

I might be mistaken but for me this looks like an edge case @ilja might want to have a look at.

It seems there is an issue with your eBay token and that’s probably why no listing fee data can be gathered from eBay.
Can you try again after refreshing your eBay access tokens in the GarageSale preferences > Accounts?

I have done this, @Kristian, and stopped/started GS but it is just the same.


What happens if you just try to start 1 of these listings? What does the Launch Control window look like then?

Just the same

Is there maybe a “Keychain Error” message at the top of the Preview mode?

Not quite sure where you mean but if it was a Keychain Error, wouldn’t it also fail when I create a scheduled event?


Plus I forgot to mention, nothing appears in the ‘Activity Viewer’.

Mine is ok. I just get the duplicate notice which I ignore

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Do you perhaps have the “Run only local verification…” checkbox ticked under Settings > eBay > Advanced?

No it started maybe 6 months ago. I am not sure the cause but after some time the duplicate notices dissipate. I assume ebays servers lag when ending and restarting, not relisting.

I think that was a question for @davidelliott

Hi Ilja

Great diagnostic. That fixed it immediately.
BTW. I have not changed any of those settings for a long time. Something seems to have happened on the last upgrade. I did skip penultimate upgrade though.


The issue was triggered by changes we made for GS 9.4 to the Launch Control window, which allow users to start ‘good’ listings, even when a other listings received error during verification from eBay.

We forget to test the new behavior with the “Run only local verifications” option enabled. This issue will be fixed with GS 9.4 Beta 12.

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I cant even imagine how hard it would be to test all the possible variables that is in the program as complex as GS

Yes!! I agree!

Having been a Mac software engineer and engineering manager for nearly 30 years, I can relate…

You guys are AMAZING!!!

THANK YOU!! :clap: :clap: :clap:


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