Still best offer option bug and my sales are drawing down

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I have already told about this issue in the above thread, but unfortunately it has not been fixed until now.
I still find many active items for sale in ebay without best offer option in the listing page, but with the option enabled in GS. Actually, at least from the 9.2 version, the + icon of best offer is greyed and not clickable when you open a listing, like GS is updating best offer information. After few seconds the + icon change and return to show “activated”. All my listings have best offer enabled, but actually when I manually relist groups of listings, a large part of them is started on ebay without best offer.

This is issue has substantially reduced my sales in ebay. Since most of my sales come from offers I receive from buyers, now they can no longer send me an offer. Now I need to find a solution.

This sounds like a problem originating from the category metadata GarageSale has downloaded. When you check with the category browser, is ‘Best Offer’ shown as available feature for the selected category?

Hi Ilja,
yes it is:

Schermata 2023-08-01 alle 18.48.22

Please let me know what else I can send you to catch this bug. Daily customers are contacting me because my listings doesn’t have anymore the offer button. Also, if I manually update from GS the listing, it fixes and offer appears again.
Let me know.


@ilja it keeps happening. Please let me know what I can do :pray:

Are you using the secondary category feature for your items, or do you only list in a single category?

I only list in a single category (one ebay category + one shop category)

Here is a temporary fix, which ignores if your selected category supports “Best Offer” or not. If you have ever specified Best Offer settings for your listing, this version will upload them to eBay regardless, of what GarageSale thinks to know about its category.

This might cause eBay errors if the “Best Offer” featured is indeed not available in the specified category.

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