Still getting error/warning of possible duplicate items

Maybe my question got buried in Paypal - Shipping - Returns - Fresh Start?

I’m still getting the warning in preflight or verification (those item numbers match the listings they’re questioning):

Appreciate your help… :slight_smile: I have no idea what “happens” if you have a duplicate? I only sell quantities of one.

The “Eames sea things” has the icon blue, it means it is active. Is it active or not when the warning appear? I am still convinced it has to do with the listing updating of GS…

All three of those listings are running. The preflight is letting you know that you are trying to relist an active listing, which is an Ebay violation. In GarageSale now, each listing is it’s own one of a kind item, associated with it’s Ebay item number, which you can see in the Inspector at right if you switch to LIVE mode. I think Ebay will screw with you if you do list duplicate listings.

Ok, great - i was verifying some revisions. So problem solved… I think I’m not the only user who’s wondered about that :wink:

The number comes back and gets looked at as a duplicate. I check the item number and it is for the item I just listed. I figure it is a verify thing out of sequence that pops up as a duplicate. I got suspended for 1 week for duplicates in the past so I have to be extremely diligent to not run afoul of the rules. It is considered a duplicate if the title is the same between 2 listings even if you have different descriptions and pictures.

Sorry to hear that - did you see the warning and ignore it?

It was before GS developed the duplicates checker.

Yes I remember too, but this situation is different and happened to me some time ago. I am still convinced it has to do somehow with an incomplete updating of listings. If @scouthouse set the order and listing updates to 1 hour, it probably happens in the meanwhile… anyway @scoutshouse look out that in your last screenshot you are clearly listing items that are still active. Maybe can you give us some more information about this? Does it happen also with other listing which are not yet active?

No, Fedeg - I’m not listing them -
I was trying to verify the changes I made before I actually revised them.
I used the three dots next to the little spaceship “Start” button to verify them, it just looks like I’m listing.
GS is just letting me know something’s up. I didn’t send them a second time - I revised them.
I didn’t understand it myself, but I believe that’s what was happening. Probably there’s a much better way to do this :slight_smile:
Thanks for your help!

GarageSale uses the same call from eBay’s API to verify new listings and revise request, mainly because there’s no call from eBay to verify revisions in particular.

A possible solution would be to filter that particular warning when revision listings. :thinking:

Having been suspended for 1 week for duplicates, My opinion would be to err on the side of caution and get a warning that causes me to double check than get no warning or miss a warning which I do catch with a special duplicates scanner at: ""

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