Still Stuck Wtih Wrong Named Store

Three weeks ago, I renamed my store. It never changed in GS. (I wrote about it in another thread which has now been closed.)

So, it STILL hasn’t changed. EBay tells me it’s GarageSale, and that appears true, given that it is named correctly when I don’t use GS and simply go through eBay’s interface.

I’ve tried everything I can think of including re-renaming the store.

Am I going to be stuck with this name I’ve outgrown?

I checked our code, and if there’s a new store name from eBay, GarageSale should pick it up. Something seems to be going wrong here.

Please open the URL in your browser and try to open it. It should activate remote logging in your copy GarageSale, thus allowing us to see what data is exchanged between GS and eBay.


You should see a “Logging” menu in GarageSale’s menubar now. Please go to your account preferences and click the “Update Account Details” button.

After that’s done, please disable remote logging from the Logging menu.

Sorry. I get it. Going to do that now.

Ok. Done. Now I suppose I need to wait for it to propagate, right?

@ilja That didn’t work.

I tried with a fresh, new GS listing, but no good. :frowning:

I’m wondering if I deleted the shop from GS and then added it back anew, could that possibly help?

If I were to do that, could I use my old (current) listing pages, or would I have to do them from scratch?

This is all my own fault, I will admit, for not having had the foresight to name the store something that would be sustainable. Instead, I confined it “Books Books and Some DVDs” which worked as a name for a while, until I started listing other stuff due to the slow movement of books and DVDs.

Thanks for any info you can give me.

I looked at the store name that is received by GarageSale from eBay. It says:

“Books Books and Some DVDs”

If you renamed it to something different than that, eBay is not sending it to GarageSale. Are you sured your changes to the store name have stuck on on eBay? What does the website say your store name is?

By “eBay is not sending it to GarageSale” do you mean it’s something I have to talk to dBay [again]?

I understand that you are seeing the store being called “BooksBoocks and Some DVDs.” Weeks ago, I changed the name. That name is what eBay calls it but not what GarageSale calls it.

Yes, ilja. I am sure.

eBay’s name:

GarageSale name:

@ilja, do I need to call eBay?

Can you post a screenshot of My eBay page where you changed the store name?

To clarify, you are having trouble getting the store name to change on your listings template where it is light green type with a pair of leafs to the left? Is is possible that the graphic and name are both actually a Store Logo that was uploaded via a URL? If so, that is your problem. The graphic file would need to be changed.

If that is not the case, then have you refreshed the eBay Access Token via the GS Preferences > Account panel?


Thank you for your response.

I’m having trouble getting the store name to reflect what the store name is on eBay.

I’ve refreshed in GS Preferences → Account Panel at least 10 times. Literally 10.

My PROPERTIES panel doesn’t look the same as yours, and I can’t find a Store Logo URL field.


I’d like to go ahead and file a bug report with eBay developer support about this issue, but could you post a screenshot from the page on eBay where you edit the store, as it is possibly the first thing eBay dev support will be asking. Thanks.

From the “Edit Store” link. (I just clicked on PUBLISH at the bottom of the page again, hoping against hope that it would update.)


Ilja, you might need this too. It’s the store entry, after you click on the icon of a door at the top of my selling pages:

Thanks. I opened a support request with eBay dev support. Let’s see…

I can’t thank you enough, @ilja

@ilja One thing I noticed when taking another look at this is that even though eBay has changed the store name, it has not changed the URL for it. The Books, Jewelry & Lotsa Collectibles storefront is still found at which is the old name of the storefront.

Since eBay is still coding the URL with the old store name, instead of creating a new URL, perhaps that is somehow related to the store name not being updated in GS when obtaining the info from eBay.

eBay Dev support told me that the could duplicate the behaviour on their end, and passed it on as a bug to engineering. I’ll keep you posted.

Thanks again, @ilja. I do hope they figure it out.

Ebay got back with this:

Hello Ilja ,

We currently have an issue with changing the store name in the “Edit Store” page. To workaround this issue, please ask the seller to change her store name from the URL below

The change from this URL will be reflected in GetStores

Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Best regards,
eBay Developer Support

Hope this helps.