Still unable to use this software after a year

When can I start using your software, it has been over a year and eBay still does not allow, see image below
Total waste of money, I have tried everything that was suggested.
I can list items manually thru eBay but not thru your software.

That’s not matter of waste money, since many users can use it daily without problems, that’s just matter of correct settings and basic knowledge of its functions.
First, your screenshot show a warning from eBay, not GS. Are you listing a new good or modifying an existing one? That warning comes from many different issues, usually due to three in particular:

  • suspended account (not the case)
  • improper word in title/description (maybe you could export that listing and put it here so GS team will check it directly)
  • if modifying, there are active offers (best offers/auction offers)

Then, usual question: did you try to refresh your token and account information under preferences > accounts ?

In the past I had too that warning, but it was always due to strange behavior of eBay, surely not GS. Just consider that listing within eBay and using GS at the same time is always a pain. My advice, list with GS or with eBay, not booth.

Hope this help

P.S. Which payment method did you set in GS?

I use only payPal.
I do not list with both, that is insulting as I have NEVER been able to use GS, not one single item.
I changed the wording, I am not suspended, again, I cannot modify an item that cannot get listed thru GS or even re-listed with GS, that is an idiotic suggestion to make to me.
I have tried and tried and tried, different items all to no avail.

I love how I get summery’s for my account, talk about insulting.

I had iSale for many years with no problems or at least those that were easily fixable like when the picture requirements were changed by eBay.

I really wish you can give me answers not suggestions.

I use a slew of software for various usage, Photoshop, Tap Forms, Adobe, Mac software and Microsoft etc, I may not have finished at the top of my class but I can figure stuff out if given the right information when change or corrections are needed.

How about „thank you, fedege96, for taking the time and trying to help me“?

Everything that he wrote was correct and he gave you good suggestions. There’s nothing for me to add.

Error 240 from eBay is really annoying and everyone can understand your frustration. Nobody can give you a final answer though because nobody can know why eBay gives you that error. As you already know, and as fedege96 pointed out once again, it can have numerous reasons.


Hi Greg,

If you let me know your eBay user id and send my some log messages, I’ll go ahead and open a support request with eBay on your behalf. Somebody at eBay needs to look into their code where the error is originating from, as the automated repose from their servers doesn’t not reveal the root cause. We tried them to change that for years, but for unknown reasons it doesn’t seem possible.

Here is what I need you to to in order to open the support request with eBay:

  1. Quit GS
  2. Start GS with the ctrl key hold down
  3. Enable the logging checkbox in the debug panel and enter this logging identifier


Try to start the listing in question.

Send me a reply including your username once you are done so I can grab the log and send it to eBay.


Which box do I check ?
I tried Enable remote debugging and that gave me the same rejection.
What I will do tonight is start a brand new listing as the one I tried was the one eBay rejected, maybe there is a built in rejection from eBay.
Is that the right box I checked


Yes, that’s the right one.

I went through your logs and found this additional information ebay sent with the error code that GarageSale doesn’t show:

“We can’t list your item because it looks like it includes a phone number or email address. Contact info is not allowed anywhere in a listing, including shipping and payments fields. Repeated attempts to include contact info could lead to account restrictions. Please remove any contact info before listing your item.”

That was in a message, I was asked a question and responded in the message to mail me the info.
That was a different item that I posted.
I have listed since with eBay with no problems.
We all learn quickly, I realized afterwards from a business standpoint why that makes sense.
I believe that e-mail message was generated after I signed up for GS.
We will see tonight when I get home,
Thanks for the new information

No, the quote text I posted was attached to the error message #240 you received when tried to list your item with GarageSale.

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