Store categories do not show in listing

I am fine tuning the Pro ‘Maintstream’ template. For the past 30 minutes, I have been trying to figure out why my store categories are not showing in my live test listing. The correct options have been set in properties and within the GS7 preferences. The only store category that shows up in the listing is “other”.

Any ideas as to what the problem is?

Are you sure you downloaded/updated your store categories in the GarageSale preferences > Account > Update accuont details?

Regards, Kristian

Thanks for the reply. Yes, I did. And I refreshed my access token for what it’s worth.
I’m going to try to create a new listing using the template and will report back as to whether the problem still exists.

When I started a fresh (new) listing, the store categories showed correctly.

Thread can be closed. Thank you.