Store categories menu not working

not checked this menu for a long time. but had to change store categories and found that menu items lead to empty page with something like this url:

and respond:

how to fix ?!

found an older post with same problem and no solution :frowning:

Yes, there are at least two other threads about this bug. I also posted a video in which I showed that listings uploaded many times ago have links that work, then if I revise the same listings with the current version of GS7, those links stop working… I hope in a fix too.

We already send that user an updated version but never heard back, unfortunately.

Can you please give this updated version a try?:

If the store links still won’t work for you, can you please send us a link to one of the active listings in question?

Regards, Kristian

@kristian I have just tried, well if I revise a listing that has broken links, they start working again, but if I start a new listing, the description is not showed and there is a button like this:

I don’t understand why, both templates (previously active and revised and the one just started) are identical, I did not change anything so I don’t think it has to do with active content. Did you do any change in this beta? (starting the identical listing in 8 does not give this problem and description is displayed correctly).
Let me know…

Could you send me a link to that live listing so I can have a look at the source code?

Regards, Kristian

Incredible, I have just checked again the listing and now the button in the screenshot is disappeared and description is correctly displayed. Mysteries of eBay… so it seems everything works good in this beta

not working for me :frowning:
i just made full revise. do i need to change something before revise ?

i downloaded store categories, close and open GS and made new revision.
now it is half-working - when i click on a link - it is opening a window with all my items and not clicked category

Could you send me a link to that live listing so I can have a look at the source code?

Regards, Kristian

sorry. i prefer not to share listings.

also i found a bug in beta - i can’t choose pictures for variations. when clicking on the camera box under variation name - there is empty pop up instead of picture preview and tick option.

Feel free to send me a link via private message (click on my icon) or contact me through our support system directly:

You first need to add an inventory item (that has images) to the variation field. Please see the tutorial video #5 here:

for sure inventory item created.
i made a new listing today with beta from this post. and find that this option in not working anymore.

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