Store categories not in alphabetical order!

Hi everyone. New to the forum and relatively new to Garagesale. For some reason the ebay store categories in my templates don’t appear in alphabetical order. They ARE in alphabetical order in my ebay store. This isn’t a huge deal and yet it’s driving me nuts. I sell postcards on ebay. Here is one of my listings:

You can see that the store categories on the left in my listing are not alphabetical. If you follow the link on the bottom to my ebay store you will see that my categories are alphabetical as that is how I have them organized.

Anyone have any clues as to why this is happening and/or how to fix it? I have tried updating my store categories probably 10 times or more.


Hi smp928s,

as far as I can tell there’s nothing you can do about it. eBay does not send the store categories in alphabetical order to GarageSale, unfortunately.

Regards, Kristian

eBay may not send the info in alphabetical order (it’s sent in order of store category creation) but surely it’s a relatively small thing to add an option that would allow the categories to be alphabetized after delivery? I have been asking for this in the past and amazed that the issue hasn’t been addressed. Would love to know why this is so hard or hasn’t happened yet. It’s easily (IMO) the feature most lacking in GS, which I love otherwise.