Store Category Order Mismatch

I added store categories on eBay. I realized I forgot one, so added it to the bottom of the list. Then, still in eBay, I used the Reorder category screen and moved it up the list. It shows in the correct order on my eBay store.

Now back in GarageSale 7.0.14b2, I updated my Account Details via Preferences, and all of the categories are there. But when I create a new listing with the Pro Compact template, the categories are listed but the category I added is still the last one on the list. The reorder from eBay didn’t migrate to GS.

Is it possible for GS to use the same reordering as eBay?

Investigating further - looking into the .log file under GarageSale>Accounts.db, I see that the order in this file looks correct, where the last category (Mastersound) has “order” = 8 :

…“order”:10,“storeUUID”:“7F3DE118-E322-4A75-9283-399AB31E4960”,“name”:“SACD”,“subcategories”:[],“categoryID”:24611693012}º€â\øŒ=/obj/GSEbayStoreCategory/28C9E5EB-F6B5-4C53-AF0B-F628A081FC56«{“uuid”:“28C9E5EB-F6B5-4C53-AF0B-F628A081FC56”,“order”:11,“storeUUID”:“7F3DE118-E322-4A75-9283-399AB31E4960”,“name”:“SHM-SACD”,“subcategories”:[],“categoryID”:24611694012}Vv,û=/obj/GSEbayStoreCategory/85FD8D7F-335C-4119-951F-E99ACBF9CD79®{“uuid”:“85FD8D7F-335C-4119-951F-E99ACBF9CD79”,“order”:12,“storeUUID”:“7F3DE118-E322-4A75-9283-399AB31E4960”,“name”:“Autographed”,“subcategories”:[],“categoryID”:24611695012};˜ÎúŽ=/obj/GSEbayStoreCategory/508CDA80-AD6D-4F89-89BB-24E101BEC4D9­{“uuid”:“508CDA80-AD6D-4F89-89BB-24E101BEC4D9”,“order”:8,“storeUUID”:“7F3DE118-E322-4A75-9283-399AB31E4960”,“name”:“Mastersound”,“subcategories”:[],“categoryID”:24611888012}jì8ßK=/obj/GSEbayStoreCategory/4699AD22-122E-4B61-A5CF-ADF499D3B119> …

But in the listing templates, it still shows up last:

Hi - i’ve decided to not include categories in my listings after all, so you can disregard this. I guess it should be fixed at some point.

This doesn’t answer your qeustion but in the GarageSale preferences > Accounts you can select “sort alphabetically”. Maybe that works better for you?

Regards, Kristian

Interesting to see that you get a non-zero value for the “order” field from eBay. When we implemented this, we only received zeroes. Maybe eBay fixed a bug in the meantime? :thinking:

However, changing GarageSale to respect that order field would probably cause confusion among users, who got accustomed to whatever the category sort order is right now.

The new major release might be a good point in time to change.

thank you for all of the replies.

yes, perhaps another checkbox in preferences : “sort categories same as eBay” in a future major release.

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