Strange errors starting to happen with the listings in GarageSale

Having some issues with my GarageSale Auctions:

  1. Auction items returning the “Console Error” message when attempting to start. This happens once in every 100-200 items. We post roughly 1-2k items a month through the software and have to perform ridiculous work arounds in order to have these items actual list on eBay (resubmit photos, start new template, etc)

  2. Events do not post on time, and simply stall out while listing. We start 100-200 auctions on Sundays, and when scheduled as a “New Event”, the timing and date are submitted. When the auctions attempt to upload to eBay, usually the first 3-4 listings will upload, then the rest will freeze and do nothing, until 5-10 minutes later when 20 listings upload in bulk…then the remaining auctions do nothing and do not post. This issue never used to occur but has been starting to surface as of late.

We have listed roughly 10-20k listings through your software, and now these and other minor errors are starting to surface.

Any advise on how i can fix these errors? We are very concerned with deleting or renaming files as i have read some horror stories on these forums (the issue with the user who was having lagging/slowdown issues with 14k in listings, then with a developers advice, actually cannot even reopen his software) I am alarmed at the possible fragility of this program so Im hoping for some helpful advise that would not make a bad thing an even worse, ruin my business sort of thing. Thanks for your time

This is typical of GS since 2011.

What happens is when you bulk list ( I do so every time I list) is GS culls all the Photos /images FIRST.

This ends up making the schedule obsolete, since depending upon the images sizes, is GS downscaling them,
is the network slow, bad upload speeds, how many photos you have per item, ect. It appears to make a massive
bottleneck problem. But usually sorts out with time. But sometimes will hang up completely especially if you have several scheduled blocks within a day for example that might overlap. When schedules overlap , expect even more of a delay due to processing power taking the system down to a crawl.

I wish the programmers would reverse the stages which it uploads. Uploading the item first to engage it with the ebay servers, and THEN the photos after . But it may be impossible due to the way Ebay handles the registration of each new item. I’m not sure.

You have to also be very diligent in cleaning house in your UI and empty your GS trash, cull unused items, get rid of anything redundant. Just like most software today, GS is a hog on system resources. Turning a dual processor to a watch covered in mud. SLOW

Thanks for responding. I’ve been adamant in regards to cleaning/organizing my GS after having had issues months ago in regards to slow speed while creating listings. Folders & subcategories have not only helped to organize the application, but have also made it stable.

Unfortunately there are not enough options for 3rd party eBay listing software on Mac, and this application has slowly become more and more unstable with each new update (not to mention the mac OS update which updated “iPhoto” and resulted in severe photo errors). Was hoping to hear a response from the Dev team but I have noticed that that is a slow process and their responses take days.

Have you had any success with any other listing apps? I see that the PC has many more options and we may just tailor our business to the different platform based on the recent and progressive instability of Garagesale.

My experience lately has been that GS slows down your entire system when its bogged down with too much data.

I had a ton of old auctions, stock templates and most importantly over 9k PP messages ! After deleting a few thousand manually my whole computer sped up but GS showed a new life. With he help of Kristian we decided to do a clean install of the software after disabling the PP API. Since the messages cannot be currently deleted in bulk it was the best option.

Works like a charm but you do lose a lot of things such as Text Blocks, unused Templates, old auctions etcetera. I have zero issues with anything now that I have unclogged the toilet ! Might make sense to migrate to another machine part of the business and then shed some data.

If you absolutely have to have that much going on with GS I would spread it out over a few machines. Sounds like an operation your size can afford it and the time savings will pay for itself.

My 2¢,

I have a very efficient method of keeping GS oiled and running. It takes years of using it and seeing the changes but I do worry with every day that passes it will break and I will be forced to update my entire OS of my mac. I use programs mostly that work very nice on 10.6.8 and people I know who use over 10.9 especially this new Yosemite - it’s a terrible nightmare of garbage code. Maybe I should write a book?